As progress catches up to all areas of our lives, interactive technologies now take a forefront seat in our daily activities with commute and travel being an unavoidable necessity of our everyday regimes. Whether it’s an inner city ride, a cross country journey or an international trip, travel tends to be a tedious boring process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Enter interactive mobile media.

World class cities now have the tools to improve riders’ experiences by elevating convenience, offering relevant information, easy payment options and entertaining content via all-in-one in-vehicle mobile infotainment kiosks.  From taxis to trains, to public transit and private car services – our pioneering mobile digital technology displays work to set a higher standard of travel and commute experience, improving service and offering superior quality.

ANAi Global Media’s interactive software solutions deliver an array of engaging content that captures riders’ attention, making a typically exhausting experience one to look forward to.  The interactive touch screen offer a vast selection of rich media content simultaneously that gives end-users an all encompassing tool to elevate their travel experience to the next level. Content is managed using a cloud hosted remote Content Management System (CMS) and can be tailored to fit any vehicle category with consideration to the audience, geo-location, play frequency and available travel time. Content options include but are not limited to news, weather, travel information, entertainment, shopping and restaurant directories, special event and promotion listings, advertising content, surveys and more.

These comprehensive interactive digital technology platforms are versatile and offer value to both public and private transit systems, their riders and operators and the cities and countries in which they operate as a whole.

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