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How can digital technologies work to serve the needs of your surroundings while generating a promising revenue stream?

In an ever evolving market, advertising follows us wherever we go through a variety of mediums, starting from a standard billboard ad all the way to the intimate quarters of a bathroom stall. ANAI Global Media brings a digital extension to the mix of traditional advertising with a platform that can be accessed anywhere over Cloud Technology.  This digital platform can be easily integrated with our Intelligent Business Network to help streamline relevant information and advertising to residential and commercial buildings.  The integration of these comprehensive solutions will bring innovation, convenience and ease of access to any facility as it gears up to provide the next standard in living and service. Property and business owners alike along with residents, customers and visitors can all benefit greatly from the incorporation of information technologies in their facilities.

ANAI’s digital interactive kiosks facilitate the delivery of local real-time content, giving users on the receiving end an access point to a wealth of information (ranging from advertising content to news, to surrounding entertainment establishments, nearby events and businesses, special offers, notifications and more). On the flip side, property managers and business operators get an internal communications portal for instant delivery of news, notifications and greetings, eliminating otherwise time and money consuming resources from the equation. An investment into this valuable system offers practicality and opens the door to an additional revenue stream from local and even national advertisers as content relevance promises to leave a lasting impression. The flexibility of this product enables content customizations that give way to versatility of use – conduct surveys or even generate leads on real-estate listings for available units. Strategic placement will make that long elevator ride or empty building lobby a place of information

Tighten building security, eliminate waste and adapt a greener approach to information dissemination by offering local businesses, restaurants and places of entertainment a digital space as an alternative to printed flyers. This alternate approach offers improved demographics targeting using geo-targeted communication that delivers a significantly greater return on their investment while giving you a portion of the revenue.

Technology is on an expedited trajectory, so hop on and enjoy the ride!

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