Visually dynamic, the digital interactive kiosk is an appealing, sleek information delivery medium that offers locals, professionals and tourists alike rich media content with a single touch. Providing a multitude of interactive content, this medium is designed to prompt users to a call-of-action.

Audiences on the go have a multitude of intended destinations where they seek to obtain information, a product or a service. What can be more ideal than a convenience factor to make any experience one to look forward to? ANAi’s interactive digital platforms; whether in a mobile or stationary environment aim to provide an engaging content delivery using a practical, informative and compelling tool, making the move from point A to point B a seamless one. With capabilities that include a multi-lingual interface, a city-wide directory and a live GPS feed of a traveled route with relevant points-of-interest; interactive kiosks offer an accumulation of potential services, products, discounts, promotions through strategic placements in and around the city.

Advertisers can create built-in campaigns that provide tracked analytics generating results that alter conventional advertising methods. By captivating audiences with interactive messages and media content, success rates are guaranteed to trump those of traditional marketing techniques such as billboards and printed media.

Product Highlights:

  • Flexible ad content scheduling

    Schedule ads for different times of the day to meet different demographics.

  • A multilingual interface

    Customize your interface for your target market language.

  • Custom-tailored content

    Static and video advertising, banner ads.

  • Live GPS feed of route

    Keep your riders informed of their surroundings and route with our live GPS tracking.

  • Interactive city directory

    Keep your audience’s attention by allowing them to interact with your ads.

  • Location-based advertising ability

    Target specific audiences based on the location of the vehicle.

  • Sophisticated Analytics

    Track your ad or campaign with our sophisticated integrated statistics.

  • Integrated promotions

    Encourage people to interact by integrating specials and promos in your ads.

  • RSS feeds

    Connect to local RSS feeds and keep your riders updated with news headlines.