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As globalization swiftly continues to bring the world closer, it consequently creates challenges that require adjustments and managing. Modern day technological advancements give us unprecedented coping tools to ease this inevitable process of human progress. The integration of interactive media applications into the evolving world around us can be a catalyst for a seamless transition, making travel, tourism and international events a welcome ground for their incorporation.

Convenient, informative, entertaining and engaging; interactive infotainment platforms are the ideal information hubs for world-class cities. ANAi Global Media’s interactive software solutions deliver an array of engaging relevant local content that gives tourists, travellers and international visitors an all-in-one access point to convenient payment portals, real-time events, news, weather, special promotions and a city-wide directory at the tips of their fingers. These standalone digital screens are scalable and can be placed at strategic locations, on a permanent basis or to accommodate onetime events. Tourism centres, hotel lobbies and elevators, hostels, conference centres, performance and entertainment venues (and much, much more!) are all ideal candidates for the integration and implementation of interactive content displays.

The interactive touch screen can offer a vast selection of rich media content simultaneously to give end-users an all encompassing tool to set their business or pleasure stay on the right track – Make tedious hotel check-ins a thing of the past with a virtual concierge who’s always got with the 411 on the latest hot spot or hidden city gem. Easily find your booth of interest and check out product and seminar information on your next conference. Is your city hosting an international summit or an Olympic event? Make your guests feel at home with up to date information, scores and instant event highlights, all available in the language of their choice.

Each device streams real-time information using data connectivity(3G/4G/LTE/WiFi), while other embedded content is managed using a cloud hosted remote Content Management System (CMS) and can be tailored to any specific site with consideration to the audience, geo-location, play frequency and information category. These comprehensive interactive digital technology platforms are flexible and offer value to local and international businesses in various market segments while giving city residents and travellers a practical vehicle for information and entertainment.

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