ANAi Global Media is a division of ANAI Global, specifically dedicated to the Interactive Mobile Media (IMM) sector of innovative technology applications and solutions. Interactive Mobile Media brings an additional element into content delivery, prompting a reactive approach in an otherwise passive experience, encouraging users to interact, engage and get involved. With strategically integrated interactive software, hardware and creative material, ANAI Global Media offers its customers comprehensive solutions with a broad array of applications for the global market.

Our in-house development teams puts an emphasis on pushing industry-leading digital technology to new heights while our research teams monitor and challenge modern trends allowing us to have a strategic advantage regarding essential media placement, message content and successful distribution methods. ANAi Global Media specializes in the integration of its custom made software and hardware so to adequately deliver advertising solutions to a wide client base. As technological advances continue to progress, our company employs tactics, based on our fundamental principles, to encompass innovation in our business endeavors, which too continually evolve.

The success of our organization is geared by the dedicated employees that bring a synergy of creative ideas, concepts and plans to the table each and every day. Their commitment and unique set of skills allows ANAi to function in perfect equilibrium, challenging conventional advertising methods on a trans-continental platform.

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