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Get content to your target audience while they are in a captivating area.


Know where your going. Track your route using the map with GPS tracking.

Great for travellers

Find local restaurants and other places of interest while travelling.

Welcome to ANAI Global Media

ANAI Global Media envisions a sensory-based, integrated digital technology experience that would allow audiences to interact with a vast array of relevant and engaging media content through its comprehensive digital displays. Interactive Mobile Media aims to initiative a dialogue with a simple touch of a finger, successfully capturing attention and initiating action with the use of innovative state-of-the-art digital technology platforms. Our strategic advantage lies in media placements that deliver relevant content to targeted audiences at specific times and locations.

Our underlining goal, as a digital solution provider, is to create a base for our clients to target affluent and dynamic consumers: locals and tourists alike. How so? ANAI Global Media provides our clients with a media platform founded in digital signage that offers pertinent accessibility points that traditional forms of advertising (think billboards, magazines, tv, etc.) simply cannot deliver in a progress driven world. This fundamental break from the average standard generates a larger captured audience thereby making delivered messages that much more efficient, successful and cost effective.

How do we differentiate from the rest? Our unique touch-screen interface design offers a compromise between advertisers and consumer’s needs. Ad views, for example, are NEVER lost while users navigate through the media content, directories etc. Other similar software solutions block video and banner content during interaction, thus significantly reducing views and ROI’s for advertisers and content providers.

This revolutionary interactive technology is a versatile solution for mobile and stationary environments with applications in a broad spectrum of industries. From hotels to shops and restaurants, to coach buses, trains and entertainment venues, our comprehensive digital platforms have the ability to break barriers in their approach to information delivery in an ever evolving industry, consistently offering higher standards, better service and superior quality.

One touch. One ground-breaking interface. Infinite possibilities.

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